Food Waste

Every year metro-Vancouver wastes 100, 000 tonnes of edible food. Food-worthy is working towards reducing this food waste by creating interactive modules for elementary and high school students to inspire them to be creative in their reduction habits and to share their knowledge with others. The module will fit within the new BC curriculum and will be created in collaboration with teachers, the city, and local non-profits. By sharing stories about food we will encourage them to see the food that we are allowing to go to waste as worthy of being used and consumed in healthy ways. Our social enterprise is called Food Worthy.

Food Worthy is a joint project between ourselves and the city of Vancouver. The City of Vancouver is ‘s “Greenest City 2020 Action Plan Part two:2015 – 2020” outlines three goals that our project addresses: 1) “4.1: Increase overall diversion of organics by continuing to support the expansion of food scraps recycling to all sectors and support Metro Vancouver’s 2015 disposal ban on organic materials to landfill and incinerator through education and enforcement” 2) “4.4: Support Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Challenge through the development of education and enforcement strategies for all sectors, with a focus on waste prevention and material reuse initiatives” 3) “10.4: Explore how partnerships and connections to programs and infrastructure can reduce the ecological footprint of food and consumption”.