Food Waste


To disrupt the wasteful habits and perceptions people have about food, through community oriented, engaging and transformative food-worthy programming.


To assist in the creation of sustainable communities that include zero food waste.

Project Impact

Through the creation and implementation of food waste education programing (Food-worthy) we inspire many students and community members to reconsider their food habits, and take initiative to reduce the waste they create. By collaborating with Lupii café we were able to support and promote a impactful community program that already exists, while increasing their reach and our own.

The Food-worthy program encourages participants to look critically at the food system, its impact on the environment, and the actions we can take individually and collectively to enact change.

The program is adaptable to different ages/grade levels, and is accessible for teachers or community groups that may want to use it in their own space.

Skills, Attitudes and Habits Acquired

We produced a workshop/lesson plan that’s adaptable to different grade levels. We learned a lot about food waste, lesson planning, and community outreach.


Our project members in the above photo are 

Justine Nelson (at left),  Adele Anctil (in the middle)

and Vincent Lok (at right)