Rewild Vancouver

We increase biocultural awareness and citizen engagement in the natural world through educational resources and ‘rewilding kits’ containing native plants.

Rewild Vancouver is a wilderness recovery strategy that aims to help the built environment work more closely with the natural world. Although “rewild” typically means a reversion to a pure and natural state before human intervention, we realize a reversion to wilderness is not a possibility.  Instead, we propose a re-imagining of how we can incorporate nature into our urban landscape. To do so, we have created “Rewilding Kits” that come with native plant species, and educational resources to make rewilding accessible to urban dwellers.


Project Next Steps

The Rewilders continue to source plants from local nurseries to support the stewardship of our rewilding kit project.

Evidence of behaviour change

At all of our Rewilding events and demonstration beds, people connected with nature in an urban setting. The enthusiasm with which Vancouver citizens engaged with the rewilding kits at the Green Bloc Neighbourhood Party and the fall Tree Sale was extremely encouraging for the uptake of the project.  In a matter of hours, forty two rewilding kits were purchased and brought home by Vancouver residents at the Tree Sale. The citizens of this city are eager to engage with the Greenest City Action Plan, and the rewilding kits provide an easy and effective entry point for them to get their hands dirty.

Project impacts

We have sold 150 Rewilding Kits, created a rewilding demonstration bed in Riley Park Community Garden, held rewilding workshops at Riley Park, Wolfe Elementary School, and the Little Mountain Neighbourhood House.


Skills, attitudes and habits acquired

Increased overall health: Through establishing connections to nature and citizen engagement in ‘rewilding’ we improved the liveability of neighbourhoods and well-being of citizens

Increased biodiversity: Through the reduction of habitat fragmentation, increasing pollinator friendly species as well as climate mitigation through the use of climate adapted species

Engaged and educated citizens: Encouraged place-making through the creation of greener spaces and providing educational resources about plants native to the Pacific Northwest

Stewardship: Created partnerships with local NGO’s, the City of Vancouver Parks Board, City of Vanocuver sustainability initiatives, Neighbourhood Houses, Environmental Youth Alliance as well as citizen scientists

Here’s our flyer:

Our project members are Heidi Lessman (in blue), Tamara Litke (in green), Marga Pacis (in black), Meghan Prince (in red), and Michael Wolfe (in green) and Gaby Barnes


Please check out our website for more information.